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Maquinas para la fabricacion de broches metalicos
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Product ID: CS-8


Wire Feeding Stand: FS 1/2 HP type that has a loading capacity of 300kgs of iron wire This wire feeding stand can operate automatically.

Performance: fast production; power saving; available with a 1.5KW main frame and FS 1/2 HP-1kw wire feeding stands. The space needed for the installation of the machine (including main frame and wire feeding stands) is around 7-meter long and 3-meter wide.


Features of Clip:

Easy to use, durable; they never rust or deform.

Multiple uses: as document clips, laundry pins, etc. Won't stain clothes, easy to attach to laundry lines.

Many colors available; coated in quality plastic.

Wire Feeding Stand: 1/2HP
Capacity: 50 per/min
Wire Diameter: 2.6mm(P.V.C. Coated Wire)
Net Weight: 1460KGS
Packing Measurement Main Body : 155cm x 136cm x 164cm
Wire Stand : 142cm x 142cm x 71cm


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