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Maquinas para la fabricacion de aros
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Product ID: CR-1000

This is a fully automatic NC control ring forming machine. It is equipped with "AC SERVO SYSTEM" and "PLC (micro computer)" to control the length of ring produced and production speed. It is easy to operate and high precision, the product's precision can achieve to +-0.01m. Also, The internal diamention can expanded to 1000mm.

Easy operate and high precision

Inside Diameter: 60mm ~ 1,000mm
10m/m Wire Inside,Dia Min & Max: 100mm ~ 1,000mm
CUT Motor: 1HP
AC Servo System: 5HP
Capacity: 5pcs ~ 60pcs per/min
Volume: 150cm x 70cm x 165cm
Packing Measuremant: 160cm x 80cm x 185cm

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